Time limit: 0 Quiz-summary 0 of 20 questions completed. Please continue. You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0. Please do share this post on facebook, twitter and other social media platforms of your choice. For users that use the tab key to navigate websites, what property represents this way of moving from one element to another? Select the property that is used to change the list style to show roman numerals instead of normal numbers?

In CSS, Select the property to set an image in a list instead of a standard bullet? In CSS, Select the appropriate option to style an element so that the next element would appear right next to it not underneath it if both elements widths were collectively smaller than the container element?

Did you enjoy it? We hope you would have liked the variety of questions asked in the above quiz. We have a firm belief that spreading knowledge is a step to enhance it further. When readers review our work and share their feedback, they encourage us to deliver better.

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. Time limit: 0. Quiz-summary 0 of 20 questions completed Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 You have already completed the quiz before.

Hence you can not start it again.

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You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz:. Answered Review. Question 1 of Question 2 of In CSS, choose the correct option to select this image by its id?

Question 3 of Question 4 of Select the property that is used to create spacing between HTML elements? Question 5 of Question 6 of Question 7 of Question 8 of Select the appropriate HTML tag used for the largest heading? Question 9 of Select the appropriate HTML tag for inserting a line break? Question 10 of Select the correct HTML tag to make a text bold.How well do you know CSS?

Test your knowledge by trying to answer the CSS questions in this post. Check that out too. After you complete these fifteen challenging questions, feel free to talk about your results in the comments. Source: w3. An example: The following style rule uses the universal selector to set the margin and padding of all HTML elements to zero:. Which CSS property allows you to hide an element but still maintain the space it occupies in the web page? Setting the visibility property of the element to hidden will hide the element.

The element will still occupy space equal to its geometric size in the web page. Hiding an element can also be accomplished by assigning opacity: 0 to an element. There are 16 basic color keywords in CSS.

Which of the following are NOT basic color keywords? The cyan color keyword is documented as being part of the extended color keywords. The font-style CSS property has four different valid values. Three of these values are inheritnormaland italic. What is one other valid value?

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The specificity value of Selector 1 is The specificity value of Selector 2 is An element can match multiple pseudo-class selectors at the same exact time. That is the reason why the order of the pseudo-classes above is crucial. We know that if two selectors are equal in specificity, by default, the selector farther down the stylesheet wins. One situation where you can clearly see this issue is via a hyperlink element.

Suppose that you hover your mouse pointer on the link, and then click on the link without moving your mouse afterwards. This situation means the link matches both :hover and :active selectors. So if the :active style rule is above the :hover style rule — for instance — users will never get to see the :active style rule applied. This is because the :hover style rule will always overwrite it.

You can remember the ideal order by memorizing the acronym, LVHA. Also, find out why the :visited pseudo-class is weird. Therefore, displaying or suppressing outlines does not cause reflow or overflow. You can find all the valid media types in the Media Queries W3C specs. Though there is a speech media type. There are five generic font family values that can be assigned to the font-family property.

Three of them are listed below. What are the other two generic font family values?You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button.

You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz. Q 2 - Which of the following selector selects all paragraph elements whose lang attribute contains the word "fr"? Q 4 - Which of the following property is used to control the position of an image in the background? Previous Page.

Next Page. Q 1 - Which of the following selector matches a element based on its id?

HTML CSS Quiz for All Web Developers

Show Answer. A - background-color B - background-image C - background-repeat D - background-position. Answer : D Explanation The background-position property is used to control the position of an image in the background. Q 5 - Which of the following property is used to align the text of a document?

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A - text-indent B - text-align C - text-decoration D - text-transform. Answer : B Explanation The text-align property is used to align the text of a document. Q 6 - Which of the following property is used to set the width of an image border? A - border B - height C - width D - -moz-opacity. Answer : A Explanation The border property is used to set the width of an image border.

Q 7 - Which of the following property specifies the width of a border? A - :border-color B - :border-style C - :border-width D - :border-bottom-color. Answer : C Explanation The border-width specifies the width of a border. Q 8 - Which of the following property changes the color of right border?

A - :border-top-color B - :border-left-color C - :border-right-color D - :border-bottom-color. Answer : C Explanation The border-right-color changes the color of right border.

Q 9 - Which of the following property specifies the top margin of an element? A - :margin B - :margin-bottom C - :margin-top D - :margin-left. Answer : C Explanation The margin-top specifies the top margin of an element. Q 10 - Which of the following property specifies the bottom padding of an element?Played 84 times. Print Share Edit Delete.

Live Game Live. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. Question 1. Which code can be handy if we want to play background music that never stops? Requests the browser to download just the beginning chunk of the audio file, which is enough to determine and display the track length.

Requests the browser to download the audio file automatically in the background, without waiting for the user to click on the play button. Requests the browser not to download any portion of the audio file unless the user clicks on play. No track length will be displayed. The goal of this new element is to play audio files natively within the browser.

Advanced Selectors in CSS

Doing so carries which advantages? No need for installing, maintaining, and updating specific browser plug-ins. Faster and smoother performance, since no plug-ins or JavaScript need to be loaded. More consistency in behavior among the different browsers, versions, and platforms.

If you want to make an image blend into the page background by giving it a sense of transparencywhich coding approach would accomplish this?

advanced css quiz

Apply CSS opacity property to the image. Apply the CSS transparency property to the image. Which choice uses the correct syntax for a CSS rule in an external style sheet? If a browser does not support the provided video format which HTML5 code should be inserted in the video page to display a text notice in place of the video if it is not supported?

Choose which result the code will yield. Nothing, there is a load-time error in the script. Nothing, there is a run-time error in the script. You used a grid-based layout and resize-able images, which is another RWD technique that you can use in responsive design? Use relative units, such as percentages, for positioning page elements. Use static pixels for all content positioning.Selectors are used for selecting the HTML elements in the attributes.

Some different types of selectors are given below:. It is different from the Descendant selector as the Descendant selector selects that element matching the second element that is a descendant of the element matching the first element that can be the child, a child of its child etc.

General Sibling Selector: It selects only the first element if it follows the first element and both children are of the same parent element.

It is not necessary that the second element immediately follows the first element. Syntax: Changes to the span element content which follows paragraph tag and both have same parent tag.

15 CSS Questions to Test Your Knowledge

If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute. See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks. Please Improve this article if you find anything incorrect by clicking on the "Improve Article" button below. Writing code in comment? Please use ide. Some different types of selectors are given below: Adjacent Sibling Selector: It selects all the elements that are adjacent siblings of specified elements.

advanced css quiz

It selects the second element if it immediately follows the first element. Syntax : It select ul tags which immediately follows the h4 tag. This is inside div element.

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GeeksforGeeks learn Last span tag. Difference between bootstrap. Load Comments. We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website.JavaScript disabled. A lot of the features of the site won't work. The questions in this first advanced quiz on CSS are on the topics covered in the first three lessons of the CSS Advanced section of the site. The table below lists the lesson used for each quiz, a description of the lesson content and the quiz number and questions associated with that lesson.

Click on a lesson in the table to go to that lesson for a refresher on the topics for that lesson.

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The quiz below tests your knowledge of the material learnt in the first three lessons of the CSS Advanced section of the site. In the next quiz we test our knowledge of the topics covered in the fourth and fifth lessons of the CSS Advanced section of the site. Question 1 : Which pseudo selectors do we use in conjunction with the CSS content property? Question 2 : The counter-increment and counter-reset respectively increment and reset one or more counters but what other CSS property sets these counters?

advanced css quiz

Question 3 : Which pseudo selectors is commonly used in conjunction with the CSS 'quotes' property? Question 4 : What is the following style an example of? Question 5 : What is the following style an example of?

Question 6 : What is the following style an example of? There is no reason to do this It's mandatory To act as a 'fallback' in case the image is not found To define the type of image To set dimensions for the image.

Question 8 : The CSS 'list-style-type' property value defaults to decimal for ordered lists; what is the default property value for unordered lists.? Question 9 : How many types of markers are available for use when styling our lists? Question 10 : When styling our lists we can specify a type, image and what else?

Quiz Progress Bar Please select an answer. A look at the CSS properties we haven't covered so far - directionoutline and unicode-bidi.The test is not official, it's just a nice way to see how much you know, or don't know, about CSS. You will get 1 point for each correct answer. At the end of the Quiz, your total score will be displayed. Maximum score is 25 points. The Bootstrap Certificate documents your knowledge of the Bootstrap framework. If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail:.

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